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Online Franchise Course Offerings

Franchise Business University is THE place to learn about franchising.

Notably, the franchise business model has been called, “The greatest business model ever invented.”

If you’re interested in leveraging the franchise model so you can be your own boss-instead of working for one, this is your opportunity to learn all you can about franchise business ownership.

Enroll in a franchise course today!

Free Course: A Proper Intro To Franchising

The best place to start learning about franchising, and franchise business ownership, is at the beginning.

In other words, you need to learn the basics of franchising and franchise ownership.

Take this free online course today.

Course: How To Buy A Profitable Franchise

In this popular online franchise course, you’ll learn step-by-step, how to choose, research and buy a franchise that can be profitable owning.

Featuring 23 easy-to-follow Lessons, organized into 8 Learning Modules, this course is for you if you want to finally take control of your life and become your own boss.

Course: FTC Franchise Disclosure Rules (For Attorneys)

This online course will help you identify when your client’s business is right for franchising and is required to comply with the registration and disclosure protocols required by the Federal Trade Commission Rules and state regulations.

Take this course now, so you can help your franchise client become a franchisor!

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