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The Franchise Business University Library

Below, you’ll find franchise and business books for sale, as well as dozens of how-to articles on franchising and franchise ownership-that are divided by section.

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Franchise Books For Sale

Articles On Careers And Career-Pain

Should you buy a franchise because you hate your job?

Maybe you just need a new career

Make a great choice by listening to that little voice

Do you work for a jerk?

When you’re stuck in a job you hate

Why making $100,000 a year in a job you hate is worse than being out of a job

Franchise Facts

A business model that can dominate a market

Why you may not always get instant support from headquarters

The pros and cons of owning a franchise business

In-Depth Franchise Articles

Top franchise trends and predictions

The ultimate guide to franchising

How to buy a franchise

The top franchise business myths

The top 10 “alternative facts” about franchising

The 84 steps to franchising

All about Ray Kroc of McDonald’s

Is franchising just a huge scam?

How to change the franchise world earnings-wise


Franchise Tips/Advice

Should you buy a franchise?

3 pieces of unimpeachable franchise business advice

Why you don’t need to know about pizza to to open a pizza franchise

The appeal of new franchise opportunities

5 things you must do before you pull the trigger on a franchise

Do this and you’ll fail as a franchisee

How to get the most out of a franchise expo

On owning multiple franchise business locations

You won’t be allowed to buy a franchise if you do this

Use this free business resource

Why paying this fee changes everything

Franchise business ownership can really rock

How to be the King of your franchise business

22 reasons to buy a franchise

10 things you need to do to be a successful franchisee

The one thing they don’t tell you about owning a franchise

Don’t buy a Senior Care franchise unless you…

10 powerful franchise ownership tips


Choosing/Finding Franchise Opportunities

Can choosing the right franchise make you wealthy?

Find franchises that you can make lots of money owning

Franchise money-makers

Learn about business opportunities that don’t have rules

What about buying an existing franchise?

What is a “Discovery Day,” and should you go to one?

What you need to do during a franchise “Discovery Day”


Franchise Research Articles

Should you trust franchise review websites when researching a franchise?

Do franchise rankings matter?  

How to research new franchise concepts

This is a great research technique

Research tips and more

What should you do when you get handed this

What is a “Discovery Day,” and should you go to one?

What you need to do during a franchise “Discovery Day”


Articles About Franchise Consultants, Coaches, And Brokers

All about “free” franchise help

What you need to know about franchise “consultants”

All about franchise “coaches”

3 huge things franchise brokers won’t tell you

Don’t let a franchise consultant do this


Legal: The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) And More

Don’t do this when you look at an FDD

The #1 thing my dad taught me about the FDD

Why some franchisors wait before sending you their FDD (And why it’s not a good sign)

In which 3 top franchise attorneys debunk an age-old myth

About lawsuits in franchising

5 dumb reasons to not use a franchise lawyer


Business Books For Sale

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