This is your chance to learn exactly how to choose, research, and buy a profitable franchise.

Before you invest $100,000, $200,000, or $300,000 (or more) of your own money in a franchise business-so you can be your own boss, it’s crucial for you to learn exactly how to do it. It’s the best way to lower your $$$$ financial risk-while at the same time, increase your odds of success as an owner.

Months In The Making

3 months in the making, the How To Buy A Profitable Franchise course includes 8 easy-to-follow learning modules backed by 20+ years of real-life franchise experience designed to put you in the franchise that makes the most sense for your goals and dreams.

In a nutshell, this course is the ultimate roadmap on how to go about changing your life by becoming your own boss with the RIGHT franchise.

(And don’t worry; you need ZERO technical ability to take my online course and make it work for you.)

This course is for you, if:

1. You’re seriously considering becoming the owner of a franchise (so you can take control of your future by being your own boss.
2. You’re bound and determined to do everything you can to make a smart choice.
3. You’re willing to follow a simple, proven, step-by-step process successfully used by thousands of people just like you.
4. You like the idea of learning all about buying a franchise from someone who’s been there.

The Course

This course consists of 23 easy-to-follow Lessons organized into 8 Modules. It’s not a boring college-level style online course. There are videos to learn from and audio files to listen to. You won’t be bored! But, you will be better prepared to be your own boss!

Take my course. That way you’ll be able to easily and completely master everything I use to guide my private clients. Isn’t it time you stop flip-flopping around and start focusing on franchise opportunities that you can make-money owning, that suit your needs, and can get you where you want to go?

Read what Gina Renner, a student of the course from Maine had to say about this amazing course:

I began my search for ‘the perfect franchise’ by scouring the internet and reading articles and lists from dozens of sources. It was difficult to sort through all of this information and know who was giving me a sales pitch and who was legit. Joel’s course had great information that was organized into an easy to follow format. I had already been in contact with 3 franchisors prior to discovering his course. His great information allowed me re-group and re-organize my thoughts and how to proceed. He knows his stuff.”

By Taking The Course, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Make sure you’re right for franchise ownership
  • Determine your top business skills
  • Set a budget
  • Find the best places to find the best franchise opportunities
  • Choose franchise opportunities that make sense for your situation
  • Work with franchise reps and franchise brokers
  • Do amazing research that will enable you pick the winners
  • Find money-making franchises
  • Apply for a small business loan for your franchise
  • Hire the right attorney
  • Interview current and former franchisees
  • Make a yes or no decision on buying a franchise
  • Find free resources

And more.

Your investment in this course is only $99!

Plus, you get Lifetime Access.


The Only Way To Live The Life You Deserve Is To Be Your Own Boss.

Buy This Franchise Course Today.

(After you’ve paid, you’ll be directed to Franchise Business where you’ll be asked to create a free account. (Takes only one minute to do) Then you’re all set. You can access the course anytime you want. For life!)

This is your chance to learn how to buy a profitable franchise from an industry insider-Guaranteed!

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