Attention Franchise Buyers

More and more of today’s consumers are supporting businesses that have positive environmental programs and initiatives in place. Like Green Franchise Businesses.

That, according to Franchise Direct, is starting to have an effect on the bottom line of franchisors who initiate green business practices in their organizations-and for their franchisees.

One example of a franchisor who’s doing that: Honest-1 Auto Care. They’ve implemented an “Environmentally Sustainable Actions Program.”

This program focuses on 4 different areas:

  • Pollution Prevention
  • Recycling
  • Resource Conservation
  • Eco-friendly Services & Products

And that’s only one example of a franchise organization going green-in a serious way.


More Franchisors Are Focusing On More Green Business Practices

The entire franchise industry is waking up to the fact that green is good. Real good. After all, these days, a successful franchise business must focus on what the consumer or business-to-business customer wants.

With this in mind, let’s not forget Green Energy. Specifically, Solar Energy.

As a matter of fact, if you’re enthusiastic about our Sun, and the huge potential it has to power homes and businesses, a Solar Energy Franchise may be worth a look.

Of course it helps that local business organizations are promoting green energy practices, along with the benefits and potential cost savings that green energy offers. The effect these organizations have on the market can’t be understated, as they’re providing education to business owners who are always open to cost saving methods that will help their bottom line. Franchisees in the markets where this is happening would be wise to join (and get active) in these organizations, so they can be top of mind when the services and products they provide are needed.


New Green Franchise Business Report Published

If you’re interested in seeing what the trends are in Green Franchise Businesses, along with learning about specific franchises that are doing it right, check out the 2018 Green Franchise Business Report, from Franchise Direct.

You may end up finding a franchise opportunity that makes sense for you.

One that’s green.


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