Just so you know, I’m filing this one under “Weird Franchise Business News.” Check this out…

A Dairy Queen (DQ®) franchisee who owns and operates 70 stores Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico has just filed for bankruptcy protection. Crazy, right?

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Hot Climates

People: I lived in Texas. It’s hot there!

Similarly, it’s not uncommon for temperatures in New Mexico and Oklahoma to reach 100 degrees in the summer.  And the winters aren’t generally too bad-especially in the southern part of those states.

With that, I have a question for you.

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Which potential franchise location did you pick?

Now, in all fairness, I should have added this to the survey question above:

(“If you had unlimited $$ resources and you could move anywhere to open a business.”)

But I didn’t.

Did I get you thinking?

Maybe this headline will do the trick.



A Southern U.S. Dairy Queen Franchise Owner Just Filed Bankruptcy

You got it now, right?

In other words, how is it even possible for the owner of 70 Dairy Queen franchise operation located in the southwest part of the United States (where it’s either warm or hot year-round) be in financial trouble?

Is the CEO of that multi-unit franchise business that bad at running a business?

(A business that one would think is busy year-round because of the climate.)

Now, I could (maybe) understand a Dairy Queen store located in Gaylord, Michigan having it’s share of revenue problems. (Because of the weather!)


But a 70-unit operation in an area of the country where ice-cream and other frozen treats are part of a balanced diet? I don’t get it.

a huge dairy queen franchise owner just filed for bankruptcy!

What Happened?

What I really want to know, is how involved Dairy Queen corporate was (or is) with the operational problems this franchisee was experiencing?

Did they send a team down to help?

Are there bigger problems?

Ones that could affect ALL Dairy Queen franchisees?

One more thing: The company that owns all 70 franchises is going to be shutting down 30 of them.

P.S. My bad: I just found out that several of their franchise store’s were hit pretty hard by Hurricane Harvey. Sounds like that could have had a big impact on their decision to file for Bankruptcy protection.

Two lessons learned here.

1. I need to read everything related to a news story like this. (I’m sorry I missed that important piece of information.)

2. Franchising isn’t perfect. Stuff happens. Weather happens.

So be prepared.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

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