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It’s true, you know. Everyone…you…me…we all think we’re going to win. It’s a problem.

Let me show you why.


On Winning

Question: Have you ever been to Las Vegas?

If so, when you were en route, did you start telling yourself that you were going to win?

Did you start to “see” yourself winning money at one of the casinos?


And if you were flying to Vegas, what do you think the other 149 passengers were thinking?

(Probably the same thing, right?)

Now, I’m not a math wiz…like not at all. And I’m certainly not an odds-maker, but…

My feeling is that the odds are totally against everyone on the flight coming back from Las Vegas as winners.

But, you (and Istill think we’re going to be the ones that are going to come back winners. It makes no sense.

As a matter of fact, it defies logic.

One more thing…

I’m flying to Las Vegas Monday.

I’m attending Pubcon, which is a digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO conference.

I’ve been wanting to attend Pubcon for the past couple of years, and this year I decided to go for it.

As an added bonus, I know two of the keynote speakers…so I’m extra pumped!

In any event, 3,000 of us will be learning, networking etc., and some of us will do some gambling.

I know I’m going to win.


Winning In Franchising

Everyone who buys a franchise thinks they’re going to win. They think they’re going to be successful. And it’s 100% normal to think that. I would. Especially because today’s franchisees have an opportunity to dominate their local market.

But the thing is, not everyone comes out a winner.

As a matter of fact, some people who buy franchises lose their money…and some even go out of business. It happens. For lots of reasons. If you’d like to see what some of the reasons are, read my new article on the SBA website.


Would You Like To Win?

If you’d like to increase your odds of success as the owner of a franchise business, so you can come out a winner, take my “How To Buy A Profitable Franchise” course.


You’re not going to believe how little you need to invest in this course. A course focused on how to make lots of money as the owner of a franchise.

You want to win, right?

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– Gina Renner, Maine

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